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Platinum Metals Rev., 1962, 6, (3), 94

Ruthenium Catalyst for Paraffin Wax Synthesis

Liquid Phase Hydrogenation of Carbon Monoxide

The production of high melting point hydrocarbons by reacting carbon monoxide with hydrogen over a suitable catalyst has long been known to be a possible route to paraffin wax and was first of course proposed by Fischer and Tropsch.

In the past few years some work has been carried out on this reaction by H. Kolbel and K. K. Bhattacharyya (Plat. Metals Rev., 1959, 3, 59) and a further paper by these workers, together with W. H. E. Müller, has recently been published (Angew. Chem., 1962, 74, (2), 88).

It is shown in this paper that straight chain paraffins with melting points up to 130°C may be prepared by leading carbon monoxide through a suspension of finely divided ruthenium in water, at pressures of over fifty atmospheres and at temperatures between 150 and 260°C. The mean molecular weight of the product increases with the pressure and falls with increasing temperature.

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