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Platinum Metals Rev., 1964, 8, (2), 49

Increase in Platinum Production

Rustenburg Output Raised to Meet Greater Demand

Users of platinum are familiar with the policy jointly followed by Rustenburg Platinum Mines Limited and its sole refiner and distributor Johnson Matthey & Co Limited to ensure to the best of their ability that platinum shall always be available for use by industrial consumers and that it shall be available at reasonably steady prices. The mining company is in a position to vary its output to meet the needs of users from time to time, and production policy is dictated both by the level of current demand and by the need to maintain stocks of refined platinum at a level governed by anticipated future demand.

During recent months consumption of Rustenburg platinum has been appreciably in excess of the rate of output, with a consequent depletion of stocks. Production at the mines in South Africa has therefore been substantially increased and the existing programme of expenditure on shaft sinking and other developments has been accelerated. Operations at the mines continue to be free of technical difficulties and there has been no change in the average grade of ore mined, while ample ore reserves are available for future mining requirements.

Adequate reduction facilities are available at Rustenburg to handle the increased output of ore, and smelting and refining capacity in the Johnson Matthey plants in the United Kingdom is also capable of treating the greater volume of output.

Platinum ore being transported by conveyor belt up to the sorting station in the reduction plant at Rustenburg

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