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Platinum Metals Rev., 1965, 9, (4), 125

Thermodynamic Data for Platinum

A Critical Analysis

Platinum, it has only recently been recognised, exhibits a characteristic known as 'recoilless resonance' when bombarded by 99 keV gamma rays; so that measurements of the absorption of the radiation afford a means of studying what is termed the lattice dynamics of the metal. Analysis of the results of these experiments involves a term known as the Debye temperature θDW which relates to the behaviour to be expected from an ideal, homogeneous, isotropic elastic body; and in a recent paper (1) J. R. Harris and his colleagues at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, have reported a value θDW=(234±6)°K at 0°K. It is also possible to calculate the value of θDW from a knowledge of the specific heat, thermal expansion, and compressibility of the metal. J. L. Feldman and G. K. Horton, of the same University, have accordingly (2) made a critical examination of the available measurements, determining how closely they can be fitted into one curve for θDW from 0° to 300°K. The paper must be consulted for details. This analysis yields a value for θDW of (232±3) at 0°K.


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