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Volume 44, Issue 2
  • ISSN: 0032-1400


Metathesis (from the Greek meta tithemi = change place) describes in chemistry the interchange of atoms between two molecules. The metathesis of olefins is the formal scission of a pair of double bonds, followed by the interchange of their carbon atoms. Metathesis polymerisation of cycloolefins refers to the apparent ring cleavage at the double bond, accompanied by polymerisation to unsaturated polymers (la, lb). Nowadays metathesis is established as a powerful method of synthesis in organic and polymer chemistry (1), and platinum group metal catalysts have played a prominent role in this achievement. Metathesis has resulted in both unique syntheses and novel compounds. In this review metathesis reactions catalysed by platinum group metals are described, specifically the types of catalyst, their metathesis activity and various ring-opening and ring-closing reactions. Part II of this paper will be published in the July issue of this Journal.


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