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Volume 4, Issue 4
  • ISSN: 0032-1400


The growing importance of catalysis in the chemical industry has been recognised by the organisation of a series of International Conferences, the first being held in Philadelphia in 1956. At the second Conference, arranged in Paris in July by the Societe” de Chimie Physique and the Institut Franqais du Petrole, over 600 representatives attended. This review deals with those of the papers describing work carried out with the platinum metals.


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  1. Chon H., Fisher R. A., Tomezsko E., and Aston J. G. Chemisorption of hydrogen and oxygen on platinum black at low temperatures
  2. Pitkethly R. C., and Goble A. G. The adsorption of benzene on supported platinum catalysts
  3. Boreskov G. K., and Vassilevitch A. A. Méchanisme de l’éxchange isotopique de l’hydrogène sur les dépôts minces de platine
  4. Smith H. A., and Rader C. P. Competitive catalytic hydrogenation of the xylenes on platinum
  5. Chouikine N. I., and Belsky I. F. Les transformations catalytiques dans la série furannique
  6. Rylander P. N., and Cohn G. Liquid-phase hydrogenations with platinum-ruthenium and palladium-ruthenium catalysts
  7. Hamilton W. M., and Burwell R. L. Jr. Hydrogenation of dimethylacetylene on palladium catalysts
  8. Bond G. C., Newham J., and Wells P. B. The selective hydrogenation of unsaturated hydrocarbons
  9. Bond G. C., and Wells P. B. The poisoning of a palladium catalyst by mercury vapour
  10. Mills G. A., Weller S., and Cornelius E. B. The state of platinum in a reforming catalyst
  11. McHenry K. W., Bertolacini R. J., Brennan H. M., Wilson J. L., and Seelig H. S. The nature of platinum dehydrocyclisation catalyst
  12. Rabo J. A., Pickert P. E., Stamires D. N., and Boyle J. E. Molecular sieve catalysts in hydrocarbon reactions
  13. Weisz P. B. Principles of polystep catalytic conversion and the transformation of hydrocarbons
  14. Gault F. G., and Germain J. E. Conversion des polymethylcyclopentanes sous pression d’hydrogéne sur des catalyseurs au platine
  15. Gray T. J., Masse N. G., and Oswin H. G. Isomerisation catalysis with supported metal alloys
  16. Bussiere P., Devore P., Domanski B., and Prettre M. Propriétés du platine incandescent et mechanisme des oxydations catalytiques à son contact
  17. Jech C. Release of radioactive inert gases from surface-labelled platinum during catalytic reactions
  18. Daglish A. G., and Eley D. D. The carbon monoxide-oxygen reaction on palladium-gold alloys
  19. Sachtler W. M. H., and Fahrenfort J. The catalytic decomposition of formic acid vapour on metals
  20. Eischens R. P., and Pliskin W. A. Infra-red study of the chemisorption and decomposition of formic acid
  21. Balandin A. A. On the theory of heterogeneous catalysis of hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reactions
  22. Schuit G. C. A., van Reijen L. L., and Sachtler W. M. H. Regularities in the catalytic activities of metals (Congress Preprints: to be published in three volumes by the Societe des Editions TECHNIP, Paris) [Google Scholar]
  23. Chon H., Fisher R. A., and Aston J. G. Amer. Chem. Soc, 1960, 82, 1055 [Google Scholar]
  24. Platinum Metals Rev., 1960, 4, 92 [Google Scholar]
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