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Volume 25, Issue 4
  • ISSN: 0032-1400


Although Europe is following the example of the U.S.A. in progressively lowering permitted emission levels of pollutants from motor vehicles, it seems unlikely to introduce lead free petrol in the foreseeable future. Proposed regulations seek a level of emission control which will, in all probability, necessitate the use of oxidation catalysts. In the presence of leaded fuel conventional autocatalysts used in the U.S.A. are susceptible to poisoning after relatively low mileages and there is a potential requirement for a catalyst system capable of functioning satisfactorily on fuel containing substantial concentrations of lead. Following the identification of the nature and the type of the poisoning lead species, Johnson Matthey has developed a first generation lead tolerant catalyst system for emission control. This has demonstrated durability for 50,000 kilometres road usage with leaded fuel.


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