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Platinum Metals Rev., 1974, 18, (1), 28

Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers

  • F. J. S.

The revision of the International Practical Temperature Scale which resulted in the publication of IPTS-68 has led to a careful reappraisal of methods of temperature measurement to take into account the slight modifications from the former scale IPTS-48. This journal has already reported on the implications of such work on the use of rhodium-platinum thermocouples.

The U.S. National Bureau of Standards has now published NBS Monograph 126: “Platinum Resistance Thermometry”, which describes the methods and equipment used there for calibrating standard platinum resistance thermometers to IPTS-68. The text of the scale, the authorised English version of which is given in Appendix I, is clarified and its characteristics are described. A number of thermometer designs are illustrated in detail, together with possible sources of error in their use.

Three classes of reader will find this Monograph valuable. Users of platinum resistance thermometers will find guidance as to their mechanical and thermal treatments and to transporting them. Calibrators will find a full guide to the techniques of calibration, including the fixed points used to establish the scale of temperature. Those wishing to submit their own instruments to N.B.S. for calibration will learn of the methods employed there.

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