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Platinum Metals Rev., 1974, 18, (2), 64

A New Mining Area for Rustenburg

For many years now Rustenburg Platinum Mines has been the largest producer of platinum and its allied metals in the world and successive stages of expansion have been reported here from time to time. Further moves to increase capacity to over 1,500,000 ounces of platinum a year are now under way with the opening of a new mining area with an additional capacity initially of 225,000 ounces a year. The two mining areas at present being exploited are at Rustenburg itself and at the Union Section about 100 kilometres to the north, where altogether 14 vertical shafts are in operation as well as a great number of incline winzes. The new mine, to be known as the Amandelbult Section, lies some 30 kilometres to the north-east of the Union Section. At the present time three vertical shafts are being sunk to extract ore from the deeper areas as well as 21 incline winzes, one of which is illustrated below, designed to work the shallower parts of the deposit. The treatment and refining plants of Matthey Rustenburg Refiners are, of course, being expanded to cope with the increased output from the mines.

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