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Platinum Metals Rev., 1983, 27, (3), 125

Platinum Group Metals in Organic Synthesis

Modern Synthetic Methods, Volume 3, 1983—Transition Metals in Organic Synthesis edited by R. Scheffold, Salle and Sauerländer, and John Wiley & Sons, 440 pages.

To provide chemists with an easy access to important and rapidly developing areas of synthetic organic chemistry triennial seminars on modern synthetic methods are held at Interlaken, sponsored and organised by The Association of Swiss Chemists. The May 1983 conference was devoted to the transition metals, and the above named volume of contributions is being co-produced by Salle and Sauerlander, with distribution rights in Austria, Germany and Switzerland (sfr./DM 48), and by John Wiley & Sons for the rest of the world.

The platinum group metals are featured in two of the five sections, these being “Principles of Transition Metals Chemistry” by Professor J. K. Stille and “Group VIII Metals in Organic Synthesis” by Professor L. S. Hegedus, both of Colorado State University. The contributions are well supported by references and this most useful book will undoubtedly fulfil its main purpose of serving as a guide for chemists interested in the application of transition metal chemistry to organic synthesis, in addition to aiding participants at the May conference.

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