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Platinum Metals Rev., 2009, 53, (4), 182

Platinum Metals Review Highlights PGM Research

  • David Jollie

Welcome to the October 2009 issue of Platinum Metals Review.

In this issue, we introduce a new occasional series of “PGM Highlights”, in which we present selected examples of activity in an area of current interest in platinum group metal (pgm) research. Here, we have chosen the area of photoconversion, in which ruthenium-based dyes play a significant role for dye sensitised solar cells. This mini-review by Margery Ryan, of the PMR Editorial Team, highlights some of the innovative work in the recent patent literature. It is an extension of the patent abstracts that we select for each issue, and aims to provide more in-depth coverage of the chosen area together with some background, referenced to the wider scientific literature, to set the scene.

Additionally, this issue includes as usual our annual Subject and Name Indexes, to appear in November. The Name Index lists the names of all authors, reviewers and conference speakers whose work has appeared in Volume 53. The Subject Index gives detailed, fully cross-referenced entries for all of the pgm-containing catalysts, alloys, compounds and complexes mentioned in this Volume, together with the principal topics by keyword. It serves to demonstrate the richness of pgm research that we have reported throughout 2009 and we hope that you will find it a useful reference.

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