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Platinum Metals Rev., 2010, 54, (1), 2
doi: 10.1595/147106710X484205

EDITORIAL: New Design for Platinum Metals Review e‐Journal

  • Sara Coles
  • Johnson Matthey Precious Metals Marketing,
  • Orchard Road, Royston, Hertfordshire SG8 5HE, UK
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Regular readers of Platinum Metals Review will notice a difference in this issue's PDF version. We have introduced a new page design, with new fonts and a modernised layout.

The new fonts are chosen to be highly readable both on screen and in printed form. In order to be compatible with our usage as an electronic Journal, and to improve sustainability when the Journal is printed out on a home or office printer, the page margins have also been altered to fully exploit the widely‐used standard paper sizes A4 and US Letter.

We have further introduced some new features in line with our primarily electronic status, such as the inclusion of the digital object identifier (doi) on each page of every article; this ensures that no matter which page is saved or printed, there will always be a quick permanent link to the original article readily available. Platinum Metals Review has always been provided free of charge and we encourage the widest possible dissemination of our articles and reviews; we hope that this feature will aid our readers in ensuring that they can always find the original publication of all Platinum Metals Review content.

Lastly we have taken the opportunity of this change in design, facilitated by the freedom of the electronic format, to begin introducing graphics to our long‐established Abstracts and Patents sections. This will provide an additional platform for communicating some of the interesting work that is reported in those sections, for which plain words do not always do justice. Over the coming issues you will see further graphical abstracts appearing in these sections wherever they will aid comprehension of the work presented.

We have brought the design up to date but kept the traditional aims and values of the Journal: to cover the latest research on the science and technology of the platinum group metals (pgms) and developments in their industrial applications.

This issue exemplifies that ethos, with contents ranging from a very informative review on the use of ruthenium, rhodium and iridium catalysts for carrying out asymmetric transfer hydrogenations in water, to an article discussing developments in the understanding of the geological behaviour of platinum group elements in sulfide ore systems; conference reviews covering fuel cells and emissions control and a book review on high density data storage including the use of pgms. Forthcoming content will extend this range of subjects even further, so that whatever your area of interest there will be something to interest you in each volume.

As ever, we welcome feedback from our readers and contributors. If you have any comments, good or bad, about the new design of the PDF version of the Journal, about our content, our website or anything else regarding Platinum Metals Review, please get in touch. Our E‐mail addresses and contact telephone numbers are below or you can reach us at any time by visiting the ‘Contact’ page on our website:

SARA COLES, Assistant Editor

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