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Volume 5, Issue 3
  • ISSN: 0032-1400
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  1. Corruccini R. J. Interpolation of Platinum Resistance Thermometers 20° to 273.15°K
  2. Harper A. F. A., Kemp W. R. G., and Lowenthal G. C. and Extension of the International Temperature Scale below —183°C
  3. Barber C. R. Low Temperature Scales from 90° to 10°K
  4. Orlova M. P. On the Methods of Practical Temperature Scale Reduction in the Range 10° to 90°K
  5. van Dijk H. On the Use of Platinum Thermometers for Thermometry below 90°K
  6. Betteridge W., Rhys D. W., and Withers D. F. and Laboratory Control of Production of Platinum for Thermometry
  7. Evans J. P., and Burns G. W. and Stability and Reproducibility of High Temperature Platinum Resistance Thermometers
  8. Bradley D., and Entwistle A. G. and Anomalous Resistance Effects in Small Diameter Platinum and Platinum-Rhodium Elements at Temperatures in excess of 1000°C in a Gaseous Environment
  9. Berry R. J. Stability of Platinum Resistance Thermometers at Temperatures up to 630°C
  10. Blackburn G. F. Reference Tables for 40 per cent Iridium-60 per cent Rhodium vs Iridium Thermocouples
  11. Accinno D. J., and Schneider J. F. and Platinel—A Noble Metal Thermocouple
  12. Kelly M. J., Johnston W. W., and Boumann C. D. and Effects of Nuclear Radiation on Thermocouples
  13. Levy G. F., and Fouse R. R. and Operation of Thermocouples under Conditions of High Temperature and Nuclear Radiation
  • Article Type: Research Article
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