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Johnson Matthey Technol. Rev., 2023, 67, (3), 364
doi: 10.1595/205651323X16869233430585

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Are platinum group metals critical to the future of sustainable technologies?

  • Emma R. Schofield
  • Johnson Matthey, Blounts Court, Sonning Common, Reading, RG4 9NH, UK
  • Email:
    Received 9th June 2023; Online 30th June 2023

Article Synopsis

Join us for our online conference, where we will be asking important questions about the future of platinum group metals (pgms), their contribution to technology development and the net zero transition. The conference brings together industry and academics, professional organisations and policymakers, to discuss the critical role pgms have to play in the technologies of the future.


The Global Impact of Changes in PGM Supply and Demand

08:00–11:00 BST, 18th July 2023

How will the availability of pgms be affected by the net zero transition? Are pgms really the scarce metals they are often made out to be? This session offers unique insight into upcoming changes forecast in pgm markets and asks what the impacts are likely to be around the world.

Future Applications of Rhodium and Palladium

16:00–19:00 BST, 18th July 2023

What are the new technologies that will take advantage of the increasing availability of rhodium and palladium? Global experts present their ideas in talks and a Pitch Battle.

PGMs: A Circular Economy

08:00–11:00 BST, 19th July 2023

There’s more to the circular economy of pgms than high recycling rates. Leaders in their fields talk about pgm life cycle and answer questions on the circular traceability of metals.

PGM Technologies Enabling the Net Zero Transition

Part 1: 08:00–11:00 BST, 20th July 2023

Part 2: 16:00–19:00 BST, 20th July 2023

Explore how pgm technologies, from polymer-electrolyte membrane fuel cells to electrolysers, are driving the energy transition and discover the associated challenges. Join in the discussion on how the availability of the critical materials pivotal to batteries and fuel cells will affect the transition to global net zero.

With excellent speakers, panellists and participants, we’re expecting interesting presentations and thought-provoking discussions. For those you’re unable to make, presentations will be recorded and posted on the Johnson Matthey YouTube channel following the conference. You can register for the conference on the conference website. A link is available in the online version of this feature.

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Johnson Matthey Virtual Platinum Group Metal Conference 2023 LINK

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