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image of Slurry Jet Erosion Resistance of SS304 Reinforced with High Entropy Alloys through Friction Stir Processing


The present work adopts friction stir processing to process SS304 with CoCrFeCuTi and AlSiBeTiV High Entropy Alloy (HEA) and analyse its erosion performance. The processed samples with CoCrFeCuTi and AlSiBeTiV display refined grain structure with uniform distribution of the reinforced HEAs. The microhardness for the sample with CoCrFeCuTi is 22.1% better than the AlSiBeTiV. The slurry jet erosion test conducted through different process parameters revealed 90° impingement angle and 10 m/s impact velocity with 10 wt% slurry concentration on the processed sample with CoCrFeCuTi offered better erosion resistance. Oblique angle endured high erosion rate due to the ploughing effect of abrasive erodent than normal angle deforming the surface. Increasing velocity increased the erosion rate by increased material removal. Slurry concentration forms a cloud-like layer at higher concentrations lowering the erosion rate. The subsequent microstructural evaluation showed the failure mode through the formation of platelets, micro-cuts, ploughing, and plastic deformation.


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