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image of Tribological Models for Erosive Wear in Slurry Flow: A Review


Slurry erosion (SE) is a mechanically induced wear observed in concerned industries transiting the mixture of liquid and erodent particles, either naturally or affectedly. The kindred equipment and pipelines need frequent monitoring and slurry erosion prediction to check the severity of erosion for implementing preventive measures to minimize the damage of erosion wear. Experimental investigation/online condition monitoring is very high priced and provide fair idea about the extent of slurry erosion wear; nevertheless, precise prediction of slurry erosion wear requires in-situ operating conditions. To minimize expenditure on slurry erosion testing/monitoring and accurate slurry erosion prediction, tribological modeling of slurry erosion wear by mathematical approach or computer-based simulations has proved to be an excellent approach by numerous researchers to foresee the slurry erosion wear and control its severity. Several authors in the past have aligned their efforts in this direction. This review is an attempt to estimate the progress in the variety of tribological modeling (primarily mathematical models) of slurry erosion for its forecasting, monitoring and to suggest the apt approach for the modeling of slurry erosion wear, especially for hydro-turbine components. This article covers the research studies pertaining to mathematical wear models for solid particle erosion recommending a commencing approach for slurry erosion wear modeling.


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