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image of A New Approach to Ti-HA Bio Composite: Pressure-Assisted Coating on the Antibacterial and Electrochemical Properties of Ti6Al4V


This study aims to coat Ti6Al4V alloy with Ti-xHA (x=2.5-10wt.%) mixture to improve its surface properties. A new approach using a powder metallurgical pressure-assisted sintering method was applied to the coating process. The in-situ sintering and coating process was performed at 950°C for 45 min in a vacuum atmosphere of 10-4 mbar. A pressure of 50MPa was applied during the sintering process. Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 29213) and Escherichia coli (ATCC 25922) cultures were used to determine the antibacterial activity of the sintered and coated samples. The electrochemical properties of the samples were studied by Tafel extrapolation and potentiodynamic polarization tests. The results showed that the coating layer containing wt.%7.5 of HA increased the antibacterial property against gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial cultures. Furthermore, it was determined that the icorr value of the material decreased, and the corrosion resistance improved with an increasing HA ratio. In addition, no active-passive oxidation zone formation was observed up to 2000 mV in the HA-added samples.


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