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Volume 60, Issue 2
  • ISSN: 2056-5135


The application of three-dimensional electrical capacitance tomography (3D-ECT) for the monitoring of a hard boundary or interface has been investigated using imaged phantoms that simulate real-life processes. A cylinder-in-tube phantom manufactured from polyethylene (PE), a low di-electric and non-conductive material, was imaged using the linear back projection (LBP) algorithm with the larger tube immersed at varying intervals to test the ability of the technique to image interfaces axially through the sensor. The interface between PE and air is clearly imaged and correlates to the known tube penetration within the sensor. The cylinder phantom is imaged in the centre of the sensor; however, the reduction in measurement density towards the centre of the ECT sensor results in reduced accuracy. A thresholding method, previously applied to binary systems to improve the imaged accuracy of a hard boundary between two separate phases, has been applied to the 3D-ECT tomograms that represent the PE phantom. This approach has been shown to improve the accuracy of the acquired image of a cylinder of air within a non-conductive PE tube.


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