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17 Nov 2023
Non-Linear Thermophysical Behaviour of Transition Metal Titanium Read more
15 Nov 2023
Effect of Ruthenium Targets on the Growth and Electrical Properties of Sputtering Ruthenium Films Read more
21 Sep 2023
Impact of Fermentation Conditions and Purification Strategy on Bacterial Cellulose Properties Read more
20 Sep 2023
Impact of Solution Chemistry on the Biotechnological Synthesis and Properties of Palladium Nanoparticles Read more
13 Sep 2023
Amine Synthesis Using the Amine Donor N-Phenyl Putrescine and the Johnson Matthey Transaminase Biocatalyst Library Read more
05 Sep 2023
Microbubble Intensification of Bioprocessing Read more
29 Aug 2023
Utilisation of Insect Gut as a Biosource for the Development of Future Biotransformation Processes Read more
25 Aug 2023
Microbial Production of Hydrogen Read more


09 Oct 2023
Johnson Matthey Highlights Read more
27 Sep 2023
In the Lab: Artificial Metalloenzymes for Sustainable Chemical Production Read more
30 Aug 2023
“In Silico Dreams: How Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology will Create the Medicines of the Future” Read more
29 Aug 2023
In the Lab: A Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council Network in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy Read more
20 Sep 2023
In the Lab: Heterogeneous Catalysis Mediated Interconversion between NAD(P)+ and NAD(P)H Accompanied by Consumption and Generation of Hydrogen Read more
19 Sep 2023
Guest Editorial: Industrial Biotechnology Read more
13 Sep 2023
“Biotechnology Entrepreneurship: Leading, Managing and Commercializing Innovative Technologies” Read more
06 Jul 2023
Johnson Matthey Highlights Read more

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Current Status of Platinum Based Nanoparticles: Physicochemical Properties and Selected Applications – A Review

Hydrocarbonyl Processes for Conversion of Platinum-Rhodium-Palladium Alloys

Mechanical Properties of Platinum Jewellery Casting Alloys

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