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Johnson Matthey Technol. Rev., 2016, 60, (2), 98
doi: 10.1595/205651316X691320

Erratum: 'The Effects of Hot Isostatic Pressing of Platinum Alloy Castings on Mechanical Properties and Microstructures'

  • Teresa Fryé
  • TechForm Advanced Casting Technology,
  • 5558-D SE International Way, Portland, Oregon 97222, USA
  • Email:

It has come to our attention that an image in a recent article published in this journal (1) was incorrectly attributed. The image caption should read as follows.

The authors sincerely apologise for the error in attribution.

Fig. 3.

HIP Unit, courtesy ABRA Fluid AG, Switzerland


  1. 1
    T. Fryé, J. Tunick Strauss, J. Fischer-Bühner and U. E. Klotz, Johnson Matthey Technol. Rev., 2015, 59, (3), 207 LINK

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