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image of Recovery and Purification Processes Rare Earth Element from Ni-MH Spent Batteries A Circular Economy: Review


Development concept and model economy circular of rare earth element has world attention in recent year. Circular economy optimizing cycle life product for reach pattern sustainable and efficient consumption. REE (Rare Earth Elements) considered as element important because interest high economic value. By considering limited rare earth reserves, cycle repeat from source secondary REEs are very important for push sustainable use. Battery nickel -metal hydride (Ni-MH) is electronic waste with valuable from REEs. Ni-MH batteries that have been reach the age limit use, if thrown away so just will become waste dangerous because content high REEs. Required cycle repeat battery Ni- MH waste efficient for become good move, deep obtain REE that is possible for reusing. The REE recovery process has challenges that must be considered such as efficient REE recovery, low REE concentration, environmental concerns, and scalability thus requiring efficient recovery methods and processes for REE. Currently the hydrometallurgical method is preferred for REE recovery from Ni-MH batteries because it has high yields, has low energy requirements, ease of separation from base metals and low greenhouse gas emissions. One such REE recovery using HCl on a pilot scale yielded 91.6% La.


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