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Volume 68, Issue 1
  • ISSN: 2056-5135


Coating surfaces with bioactive glass can be defined as depositing fine bioactive glasses on biomaterial substrates. Cobalt-chromium is a viable alternative to stainless steel for long-term applications with superior ductility. The mechanical properties of cobalt-chromium alloys are high strength with elastic modulus of 220–2300 GPa, more significant than the 30 GPa of bones. Combining metals and bioactive glass results in high biocompatibility and improved bioactivity of implant surfaces. In addition, it triggers new bone tissue to regenerate through osteogenesis and mineralisation. However, implantation failure still occurs and requires surgery revision due to a lack of adequate bone bonding and delamination at the coating surface of the implant. The current review summarises the adhesion between bioactive glass coatings and cobalt-chromium substrates applied through electrophoretic deposition (EPD).


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