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Volume 65, Issue 2
  • ISSN: 2056-5135


The restructuring of the economy post-COVID-19 coupled to the drive towards Net Zero carbon dioxide emissions means we must rethink the way we use transport fuels. Fossil-carbon based fuels are ubiquitous in the transport sector, however there are alternative synthetic fuels that could be used as drop-in or replacement fuels. The main hurdles to achieving a transition to synthetic fuels are the limited availability of low-cost carbon dioxide at an appropriate purity, the availability of renewable hydrogen and, in the case of hydrocarbons, catalysts that are selective for small and particular chain lengths. In this paper we will consider some of the alternative fuels and methods that could reduce cost, both economically and environmentally. We recommend that increased effort in the rapid development of these fuels should be a priority in order to accelerate the possibility of achieving Net Zero without costly infrastructure changes. As ground transportation offers a more straightforward approach legislatively, we will look at oxygenated organic fuels as an alternative drop-in replacement for hydrocarbons.


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