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Volume 68, Issue 1
  • ISSN: 2056-5135


The improved bulk and surface function of manufactured implants has advanced implantation procedures, leading to a decline in surgical risks. Many current techniques discussed in the literature are related to additive manufacturing (AM) of lightweight implants based on reliable, precise, flexible scaffolds and capable of mimicking bone properties while incorporating other useful features. These techniques have evolved for the production of a variety of biocompatible materials. AM has progressed beyond prototype to full-scale manufacturing of metals, polymers and ceramic products. However, metallic implants often fail due to biocorrosion and deterioration, limiting implant longevity. This study reviews current trends and approaches to enhancing the surface corrosion resistance of porous metallic implants and the effect of interfacial films on biological activity. The art of porous metallic implants manufactured by AM and their biocorrosion behaviour are discussed. This review also evaluates future trends and perspectives in additively manufactured synthetic orthopaedic implants porous with enhanced surface morphology.


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