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Volume 68 Number 2
  • ISSN: 2056-5135


Membrane separation is an energy-efficient separation process. Two-dimensional (2D) materials have shown potential as a new generation of membrane materials due to their unique structures and physicochemical properties. The separation performance of 2D material membranes crucially depends on how 2D nanosheets are assembled in membranes, such as interlayer spacing between stacked nanosheets, chemical properties of nanosheet surfaces, alignment of nanosheets and thickness of membranes, which are closely related to their fabrication methods. This short review concisely overviews commonly used membrane fabrication methods for different types of 2D materials, including graphene-based materials, 2D covalent organic frameworks, 2D metal-organic frameworks, MXenes and other 2D materials. The representative 2D material membranes resulting from their essential fabrication methods are discussed. The advantages and shortcomings of different fabrication methods are compared. The critical challenges to realising large-scale production of 2D material membranes for practical applications are highlighted.


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